Our Vision

The vision was to produce a product which did not compromise on either the quality, durability or the aesthetics of the coving. Alongside it needed to be easy to apply and manage for installation. And, increasingly more important, environmentally friendly – as opposed to SuperCove’s plaster and polystyrene (foam) competitors.

Cove Producers is a specialised company with a highly efficient in production process. The investment is considerable and continuous – we now operate our second-generation machine.

There are 7 members of the team amongst whom are Anthony, our factory manager, who keeps an eye on production and operations and Clive, who in his sales capacity, liaises with our main customers seeking out prospective customers and fostering relationships with existing clients by responding to their needs.

This new direction means we are expanding your access to our products so that we can begin to deal directly with the people who matter: our ultimate end users and customers.

Our History

Stuart Aiken, the founder of the Cove Producers business, had for many years previously operated a decorative plaster business. Based on his knowledge of this business, he felt he could evolve a new lightweight coving product and developed a new method of manufacturing for its production.

In 1999 Stuart changed his focus from the plaster business to fully focus on this product – and so SuperCove was launched. He knew he could develop a new coving product that was lightweight whilst also being super robust. A product that when launched would revolutionise the plaster coving market. After a period of trials and development as well as raising the not inconsiderable cost needed for the development of a new machine to produce the product. Finally, the production started in 1999.

Sadly, Stuart passed away in January 2021, but his vision lives on, here at Cove Producers we are even more energised to see his legacy continue and thrive.

FSC ® Certification

The Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC) is an international, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. Since 1994, FSC has grown to become the world’s most respected and widespread forest certification system.

FSC’s pioneering certification system, which now covers more than 200 million hectares of forest, enables businesses and consumers to choose wood, paper and other forest products made with materials that support responsible forestry.

SEDEX Accreditation

SEDEX is a leading membership organisation which aims to improve ethical and responsible business practices in global supply chains.

SEDEX stands for Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, which provides online platform, tools and services that allow suppliers to maintain data on ethical and responsible practices and allows them to share this information with their customers. To help us operate responsibly and sustainably, protect workers and source ethically.

Proud to be a Manufacturer in the United Kingdom

At SuperCove, all our products are manufactured in the UK – from our Northamptonshire factory. We are proud that our brand is British-made because we know that we will add value and quality to our customers across the UK.