The tough, lightweight polyurethane coving

SuperCove lightweight coving is available from many good Builders Merchants and DIY stores throughout the UK and Ireland, in various length options up to 4 metres.

With Super-light SuperCove, you can install coving quickly and easily – adding value to your home with the minimum of effort. SuperCove is faced with a high-quality paperboard – ideal for painting, with no need to prime. The polyurethane core, unlike polystyrene, will not melt or drip if exposed to heat or flame.

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Why the trade loves SuperCove?

With super-light SuperCove, you can install cove quickly and easily – adding value to any decorating job with the minimum of effort and creating perfect coving – super fast.

  • Easier and cheaper to install than plaster – One person can install even 4m lengths
  • Less waste – Does not damage like plaster and polystyrene
  • Less mess – easier to cut, and does not crumble
  • Easy to handle – one pack weighs less than one length of plaster
  • Super fine lines and sharp edges – impossible to distinguish from plaster when installed
  • Fully paintable with no need to prime.
  • Installed the same as plaster (but requires less adhesive and no pinning) or can be gun applied using SuperCove adhesive/filler in 310ml cartridge.

SuperCove is loved by DIY’ers

Coving is a decorative moulding designed to conceal the join between walls and ceilings, it adds an aesthetically pleasing and professional finish.

  • Add value to your home – No cost to install
  • Learn new skills – with our simple to install video you can be a pro installer
  • Keeping fit – at a desk five days a week, DIY can be a great workout
  • A real sense of achievement – Gives you an enormous satisfaction and you get what you want
  • Disconnecting – DIY encourages getting off technology for a short period
  • Makes it personal – gives your home that personal touch
  • SuperCove – lightweight, easy to handle and flexible to be easily cut to length. Simple to install, requires no priming and can be painted to match any colour scheme
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You won’t believe how light SuperCove is!

SuperCove is very lightweight and incredibly tough polyurethane paper coated coving. It’s dense polyurethane core makes it much tougher than the traditional alternatives, such as, plaster which is more brittle and inflexible, or foam polystyrene products, which are too easily damaged.

A 6x3m shrink pack of SuperCove only weighs 2.4kg whereas by comparison to plaster coving which approximately at 28kg per pack of 6x3m, is 7 times heavier.

The biggest advantage is SuperCove’s ease of installation – plaster coving installation it best undertaken by two professional tradespersons who have a good knowledge of how to fit coving already. Whereas SuperCove is the product for everyone – it is installed the same as plaster and installed using SuperCove Adhesive but no pinning!

SuperCove is easy to handle, cut and install with minimal mess or waste. This can be done by one person and DIY’ers with minimum skills will be able to create a professional finish as the product is very lightweight. SuperCove – makes traditional plaster coving look old fashioned and complex, and polystyrene coving obsolete and inadequate.

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SuperCove lightweight coving is available from a comprehensive selection of Builders Merchants and DIY stores throughout the UK and Ireland, in various length options up to 4 metres.

Coving Lengths

SuperCove has a smooth, plain, concave surface and is available in a range of lengths and cuts.

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Coving Multipacks

SuperCove multi packs contain a number of identical coving lengths which sold at a discount compared to the price when bought separately.

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Internal & External Corners

Pre-cut mitred internal and external corners which make installation easier. Includes straight cut and a 45-degree cuts – to make a 90-degree internal or external corners.

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Adhesives & Accessories

The main accessories required for successful completion of your SuperCove installation project including adhesives, mitre blocks and other accessories.

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How to fit SuperCove

If you’re thinking about installing some coving and wondering how the new SuperCove range of lightweight coving compares to traditional choices then we hope this video will help.

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