The tough, lightweight polyurethane Cove

SuperCove lightweight coving is available from many good Builders Merchants and DIY stores throughout the UK and Ireland, in various length options up to 4 metres.

With Super-light SuperCove, you can fix coving quickly and easily – adding value to your home with the minimum of effort.

SuperCove is faced with a high quality paperboard – ideal for painting, with no need to prime. The polyurethane core, unlike polystyrene, will not melt or drip if exposed to heat or flame.

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It’s what the Trade are using

  • Easier and cheaper to fix than plaster – One person can fix even 4m lengths
  • Less waste – Does not damage like plaster and polystyrene
  • Less mess – easier to cut, and does not crumble
  • Easy to handle – one pack weighs less than one length of plaster
  • Super fine lines and sharp edges – impossible to distinguish from plaster when installed
  • Fully paintable with no need to prime.
  • Fixes the same as for plaster (but requires less adhesive and no pinning) or can be gun applied using SuperCove adhesive/filler in 310ml cartridge.

Cove    Supercove

How to fit SuperCove

SuperCove™ Makes plaster old fashioned and polystyrene obsolete